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Furniture is made from hand carved solid oak and gilded in 18K yellow gold. 


This set includes the following items:


2x Cairs

1x Telephone Stand

1x 2 Seater Sofa

1x 3 Seater Sofa 

1x Coffee Table

1x Square Side Table

1x Corner Cabinet 


Telephone Stand:      0,5x0,378x0,96   m

Chair:                        0,78x0,79x0,99   m 

2 seater Sofa:            1,37x0,82x1,08   m

3 seater Sofa:            1,8x0,83x1,1       m

Coffee Table:             1,24x0,65x0,51   m

Square Side Table:     0,6x0,6x0,53      m

Corner Cabinet:          0,9x0,45x2,02    m

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