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Gothic in art history covers the 12th to 15th centuries, Gothic plate armour develops only during 1420-1440s, when the technological development of farmor reached the stage where full plate armour was made, and national styles of “white armour” began to emerge, specifically German(Gothic) and Italian. Centers of armour production in the period included Augsburg, Neuremberg and Landshut.


The Gothic style of plate armour peaked in type known as Maximilian armour, produced during 1515-1525. By this time, full plate armour had become mostly limited to elaborate “parade armour” not intended for battle use, while for practical use, half-armour became increasingly common, eventually giving rise to the early modern cuirass.


This suit of gothic plate armour is fully articulated and can be used by an adult size person, the suit is held together by leather straps and gives the user great maneuverability. This suit needs to be assembled and is delivered with a wooden base and stand as depicted. 

Height 183cm

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Width: 59.00
Height: 53.00
Depth: 90.00
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