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This has to be the most beautiful suit of armour you can ever bring into your home. This is an exact replica of Sir George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland´s suit of armour, it is handmade by the best in the business. The production time on this suit is 6 moths, it´s made from blued steel and is modelled after the original suit on display at the Metropolitan museum of art New York. 

The suit itself weigh 30kg and has an hight of 171cm, please note that after your order we need 6 moths to manufacture this item.  


This item is a custom order peace, contact us if you have any questions about this product or payment options and financing options.




Sir George Clifford was born on 8 August 1558 at Brougham Castle in Westmorland, the son and heir of Henry Clifford, 2and Earl of Cumberland.


Sir George Clifford, 3rd earl of Cumberland was an English Peer, naval commander and courtier of Queen Elizabeth I. He was notable at court for his jousting, at the Accession Day Tilts, witch were highlights of the year at court. A famous survival is a garniture of Greenwich armour now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art reflect this important part of his life. In contrast, he neglected his estates in the far north of England and left a long succession dispute between his heirs. 



Portrait miniature by Nicholas Hilliard, c 1590

George Clifford dressed as queens champion. 


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