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Though the origin of armour goes back to the Egyptian period, the medieval armour most known, formed of plates of steel or iron, linked to each other with hooks, nuts and nails it holds the warrior by means of straps and clasps, the use of plate armour started in Europe, and reached the perfection at the end of the 15th century transforming in the middle of the 16th century in a luxury vestment for the warrior. The suit of armour was adored and embellished with he beauties of the sculptural art and of the metallic industries. As firearms were perfected the use declined notably in the 17th century and in the 18th century they were mostly used as incomparable ornaments of castles, palace, museums, and other places that wants to incorporate into its stays a nice historical recollection.


This is a fully articulated and wearable replica of a 16th Century suit of armour constructed in 18-gauge steel delivered with wooden display stand. Openings on arms is covered with mail armour. 

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Width: 59.00
Height: 53.00
Depth: 90.00
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